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Protein Goals came about as a result of real-life choices made by the founders to better their lives by focusing on what quality of nutrition was entering and impacting their bodies.  With one thing in mind Protein Goals set out on a mission to source healthy foods with incredible nutritional value all while maintaining Great Taste!

Protein Goals teamed up with Italy's PastaYoung as the first and only importer of PY Products into the United States.  Headquartered in Las Vegas, Protein Goals plans on expanding their product line to all of the Amazing Products that PastaYoung has to Offer!  


Pasta Young Products are made by 4th generation pasta makers in the hills of Abruzzo, Italy.  When we visited the factories we were astonished to see the incredible care and knowledge that goes into every package.  From the highest end raw materials to the detail of each step of the process, these products are not commercialized "health and fitness products".  They are truly Artisan products, being created to support a healthy lifestyle.


Protein Goals offers products both to consumers and distributors who are interested in learning more about the Protein Goals Mission.  So if you are looking to try just one bag of pasta or if you are looking to supply a vast network of locations, Protein Goals is here for You!  

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PastaYoung is a line created by 4th Generation  Artisan Pasta Makers who sell pastas in over 70 countries worldwide.  Since the early 2000s PY Pasta Young has been working on food formulations to meet the nutritional needs in the worlds of fitness and well-being.

We visited in Paniella Italy, where the factories are located and we had a completely eye changing experience.  Never before had we encountered such importance and focus on detail.  From where the Durum wheat was grown to how hot or cold the processing facilities were, everything was running like time-work.  Only then had we learned the differences between teflon molds and bronze molds, and why the bronze molds in the factory where so important to the end result of the pasta eating experience.  How the rugosity of the pasta and the temperatures at which it dries all play certain key roles in the absorption of the sauce during preparation.  PastaYoung creates every single package of pasta that leaves that facility, as if it were going to be cooked at their own family's dinner.  And in Italy, every bite matters!

With a particular focus on quality, PY brings unique food preparations to the market. Not only pasta but also baked goods, condiments and spreads, with additional products and formulations on the way. They pay attention to both macro values in terms of proteins, fibers and carbohydrates and to micronutrients. PY is becoming a reference in the world of healthy eating and Protein Goals is proud to have the opportunity to present such fascinating products to the US Market!

Pasta Maker


Grant Cardone

Sell or Be Sold

“When a person successfully sells himself on eating right, working out, and taking care of his attitude, he gets a commission of having good health.”

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